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Teevox Summer Fixes / Minor Improvements

3rd July 12

Hi Everyone!

I’ll be listing all the ongoing bug fixes / minor improvements here.    The next big release of Teevox is also approaching and I’ll be making another dedicated post soon.

1. Twitch.tv resizing bug - Streams appeared zoomed in when in picture-in-picture mode.    All streams should appear properly, maximized to the boundaries of the window.  Fixed June 30th.

2. Stream not switching occasionally - The stream player sometimes locked into place into a single stream preventing any stream switches.   Now the player should smoothly switch between streams without encountering any hiccups.  Fixed July 1st.

3.  Own3d chat - Own3d chat had been loading a blank page previously.  Now it should load the new Own3d flash chat properly.  Fixed July 3rd.

4.  Stream categorization - Streams were appearing in multiple games for the wrong categories.  I’ve made it to prioritize the streamer’s selection of game before defaulting to the Teevox channel designation.   Streams should now appear in more accurate channels.  Fixed July 3rd.

Let me know if the new fixes are working for you properly / you think up of new features / you find new bugs.  I can be reached at jakefrink05 -at- gmail.com or directly on the site on the “What’s Annoying” box.



The Teevox Zen Update (v2.1) is (already) out.

24th January 12

*Press Z once you get on the site*

The only reason I was able to get this update out so quickly was because of the sheer volume of feedback (good and bad) that you’ve all given me.  I’ve wandered through the pages of messages that you’ve all sent me — through reddit messages / comments / email —  and it was through your help I was able to put together an accurate picture of what you wanted.

Especially thank you to those who had written out thoughtful, detailed post about different features and their benefits / drawbacks.  Your insights were very helpful.  

Even for people who were negative, it meant a lot to me.  It meant that you cared.  The worst would be no one bothering to say anything, good or bad.

Thanks for letting me know what you thought of the new features with such vigor.  It lets me experiment with new things rapidly and fix things rapidly if they break, in hopes that we can get to the best possible stream viewer as quickly as possible.

New Features

- Chat is now a full sidetab instead of overlay.  No more chat automatically activating on first stream.

- Zen Mode added.  Press Z for pure minimalism.

- Fullscreen keybindings revamped to allow for volume control, PiP control, and Quality control including a keybind guide.

- Pause button added.

- Channel count sum has been added to the channel selector.

- State saving has been added.   Your channel selection, quality selection, screen state are all saved and Teevox will remember the next time you come back.

- Stream titles will marquee once selected.   You can now read the full title of even the longest of titles.

- One click mute / unmute has been added with mouseover activation of the volume / quality controls.

- Stream photos are guaranteed to update each interval the stream list is updated.

- Hide top bar by pressing F.  Updated help guide to note you get to true fullscreen by double tapping F.

- Stream selector panel shrunk, controlbar now scales with screen width.

- Optimized screen layout for smaller screens.

- Teevox defaults to a much cleaner perspective.


- Search now searches over individual words in streamer’s names

- Opera zooming layout fix

- Fixed ad audio issue sounding like it is hissing

- Moved JTV logo to upper left corner

Teevox 2 Released!

21st January 12

It’s been 5 long months since the last big release of Teevox. I’ve distilled all the learnings I got from the Teevox remote player into the desktop. The theme for Teevox 2 is speed.

Feature Listings:

  1. Instantaneous PiP Switching. You press 1,2,3 and it will instantly flip the active stream / audio.
  2. Instant Search. I’ve improved the search mechanic. Just press SPACE and type away.
  3. Simple Keyboard Controls. All major actions you need to do are fully accessible through simple keybinds. 1,2,3 / Arrow Keys / Space / Enter. That’s it.
  4. Big fat control buttons for easy access.
  5. Intuitive drag and drop into screens. The interface has been engineered to give you the maximum value per keystroke.
  6. Scroll / flickable stream access.
  7. Complete aggregation. Widest selection of streams available on Twitch.tv / Own3d.tv. No more worrying about stream additions.
  8. Centralized quality control.
  9. Click to remove active stream.
  10. Ability to change streams at any time. No more getting stuck in 5x preroll ads in a row.
  11. Color. Site feels a little more lively than the drab black interface.

Teevox Multistream Remote FAQ

25th December 11

Hi everyone,

I’ve listed a host of common issues that people have encountered and various solutions that worked.  If you run into any problems not listed, let me know through email (jakefrink05@gmail.com) or through the on-site chat in the bottom right corner.

Oh, and Merry Christmas everyone!

FOR BEST PERFORMANCE, make sure your Android is on the same wifi network as your computer.  If everything is working right, you should see “DIRECT” in the upper left corner instead of “CLOUD”.

1. I can’t see the code on the remote site!

  • If you are running Avast, try suspending it temporarily to see if that is the issue.

  • If you are running Windows 7, the easiest way to make it work is (oddly enough) running it through IE7. 
  •  If you see a black screen in IE, this usually means you need to reinstall flash.
  • Teevox uses outbound port 8080 to communicate with the remote server.

2. Where is the iPhone / iPad / iPod version??

3. How can I change the volume?

  • You can use your Android’s volume keys to change the master player volume.

4. How can I change the quality settings?

  • You can either press the menu button or tap the upper right where it says “MEDIUM”

5. How can I change the channel selection?

  • You can tap on the text area that says “Starcraft” and it will let you change it to a different game.

6. Can I get the phone to remember the code between restarts?

  • Once you link a remote to a screen, it will try to reconnect with it when you restart it. You may need to press the home button and reopen the app a few times, but it will automatically pass you through without requiring a code.

7. Known bugs / issues.

  • Galaxy Nexus, Droid Razr, Motorola Bionic, HTC Desire are known to have layout issues. Currently working on a fix.   Published fix with v1.06.  Make sure you update to that version.  Let me know if you run into any further issues!

  • Occasionally the quality change menu will have the words “Select All”, “Paste” included in the submenu.

  • Sometimes multiple streams will appear playing and will not mute when changing the active channel.  This happens when you activate a lot of streams really quickly in the same slot.  Currently working on a fix.

Teevox Multistream Remote v1.0

24th December 11

Hi Everyone!

As you may have noticed on Reddit, the Teevox Multistream Remote for Android has now been released.

You can get it here: http://teevox.com/remoteinfo

This lets you flick through live streams on your Android and send it to your computer monitor.  You can use the Android volume keys to change the volume from afar. 

What I’ve done is I pulled out an extra monitor and have it playing fullscreen.   This turns your monitor into a sort of gaming television.  Give it a try!  Let me know what you think.

If you have an iPhone / iPod / iPad, be assured that I’m working on an iOS version right now.  I’ve cooked up a quick email list if you would like to be included in the beta: http://teevox.com/beta

Let me know if you run into any issues / new features you might like at jakefrink05@gmail.com.    Wish you a wonderful holidays!



Teevox v1.0 Feature Additions and Bug Fixes

17th July 11
I’ll be updating this list as I work out new bugs through the next few days.
  • Added in Flash-based fullscreen.  Press F twice for true fullscreen.
  • Added in volume keybinds.  Press T/G for volume increase / decrease.
  • No more hover text for links in the lower right-hand corner for Chrome + Firefox.
  • Added in Teevox chat, Stream chat should load up as default when pressing C.
  • Viewer counts for the active stream will be updating much more frequently.
  • Fixed Firefox bug where images would not show up and instead say “DOWN ARROW”
  • Fixed a number of performance bugs.  Player should use drastically less resources for playing.
  • All preroll ads should be playing properly, much credit goes to the crack JTV engineers.  No more lingering ad black screen. 

Let me know if you run into any bugs at jakefrink05 - at - gmail.com!   I’ll be looking to fix them up.

On the Name Change

10th July 11

As I discovered how much I loved Warp Prism, it made me realize how devastated I would be finding out if something were to take it away.  I wanted to make sure that looking into the future, Warp Prism would be protected and have it feel safe to grow.

I decided to change Warp Prism’s name after three considerations:

  1. Possible legal issue with branding / trademark with Blizzard.
  2. Difficulty spelling for people who are not familiar with SC2.  (Spelt “Warp Prison”, “Warpism”,  ”Warprism”)
  3. Future direction of Warp Prism.

Warp Prism provided a warm nest for the project to grow and flourish. 
It is with a heartfelt thanks to the name that has graced the project to date.

Why Teevox?

TwitchTV is building a new Hollywood.  We have our own celebrities, our breakout stars, our exhilarating sports matches, our talkshows, even our own drama and gossip.   From Hollywood comes the live dynamic content.

On YouTube and Blip.tv are the Blockbusters for the new generation hosting collections of video-on-demand, ready for instant playback.

Teevox sounds like TV.  It brings together the glamour that comes from Hollywood with the laid-back watching of video-on-demand collections.

It features Picture-in-Picture, search, channel flicking; all features you’d expect to find when you walk into a Best Buy and pick out the most expensive TV. 

Looking Towards the Future

I love you guys.  It is because of your love and support that Warp Prism grew up to what it is today.   I hope to continue on for a long time discovering the next great experience to enjoy together.



Next Generation of Warp Prism

10th July 11

Hi Everyone,

Hard to believe it’s already been two and a half months since Warp Prism started. Time has really flown past! Warp Prism has grown up well thanks to your enduring love.

Today, I’m excited to show you the next chapter of Warp Prism.


The interface is now HTML5 instead of Flash.

Less Blue

One of the things you’ll notice about the interface is that it is less blue. After getting an incredible number of emails and reddit messages about it, I decided it was about time to adopt a cleaner, minimalistic look.

Skinny Interface

All controls now fit in two compact horizontal bars on the top and bottom that can be hidden by pressing F. No more “Enable PIP” / “Bookmarks” buttons sticking out in front of the video.

Fast Switching Lists

Everything on the new Warp Prism can be accessed using the two pulldowns on the top bar. Now you can switch between streams and channels using one click.

Instant Search

During any point in the app, press SPACE and you will get instant search. This search will dynamically search:

  • Any online caster within Warp Prism
  • Available channels for switching
  • Full TwitchTV Search - of anyone online who is currently broadcasting
  • Full YouTube Search

Full YouTube Search

This means songs, clips, whatever strikes your fancy you can press space, type in the query term and press enter. Press RIGHT and LEFT to browse through search results.

ex: SPACE - “skrillex” - ENTER

Full TwitchTV Search

There are games that Warp Prism does not currently cover. In the interim, you can use the full TwitchTV search to assemble a quick viewing list of streams. You can also use this to look up any casters that may not have already been added to the lists.

ex: SPACE - “zelda” - 2

Video on Demand / YouTube Channels

Watching gaming online has always been about two big categories: live video and video-on-demand. 

Warp Prism now supports video-on-demand alongside live broadcasting.   Day[9], HuskyStarcraft, HDStarcraft, DiggitySC, AskJoshy, PsyStarcraft, DjWheat, as well as many others have a channel set up.

Warp Prism currently has:

  • Starcraft Video-on-Demand
  • World of Warcraft Videos
  • Let’s Play Series

Let me know what YouTube channels to add in next at: jakefrink05 - at - gmail.com!

Drag-and-Drop Picture-in-Picture

You can now drag casters from the taskbar directly onto the picture-in-picture areas to have them load up.  

  • Drag-and-drop or press SHIFT + 1, SHIFT + 2, SHIFT + 3, to assign casters.
  • Loaded Picture-in-Picture streams default to low quality to save on bandwidth / performance.
  • Click on the PIP’s to switch to main or press 1, 2, 3. 

The interface was designed to be as clutter free as possible with no overlays on top of the video.

Check it out!  http://teevox.com

Let me know what you think!    The forums are also accessible at: http://forums.teevox.com.  The fastest way to get a hold of me is through my email at: jakefrink05 - at - gmail.com.